Royal Banks of Missouri understands the pressure of running a business in today’s competitive world. To effectively manage and build your business, you require the best financial services a bank can offer. Royal Banks of Missouri has the financial tools to maximize your cash flow and your time management. As a premier community bank, we know that speed is critical to your success. That is why our Relationship Managers and entire branch staff are dedicated to creating opportunities for your business.

Royal Banks of Missouri provides online banking with enhanced payroll services as well as a wide variety of commercial deposit accounts to support businesses of all sizes. The bank’s cash management services are easy to access, yet provide the highest level of security.

The bank provides loans for all your business needs, from lines of credit secured by corporate assets to construction loans to investment loans and real estate loans. Royal Banks of Missouri has the loan product to meet your needs.

Lines of Credit

Just like your cash flow needs, your borrowing needs change from day to day. With a revolving line of credit from Royal Banks of Missouri, you will be able to finance your daily operating needs such as helping to fund receivables, inventory purchases, or payroll and other expenses. You can simply borrow money as you need it (up to a predetermined limit) and pay it back when you are in a better cash position. The amount available is typically determined by the value of your business assets.

Term Loans

Commercial term loans are typically used to finance the purchase of new equipment or machinery; or even to purchase a new building. The term loans are usually structured with a repayment schedule (monthly, quarterly, or annual) with a term and amortization to match the type of asset financed. Royal Banks of Missouri will work with you to structure a term loan to match your financial needs. You can contact any of our Relationship Managers to begin you borrowing process.

SBA Loans

Royal Banks of Missouri is a certified SBA Lender in the Saint Louis Area. We can help you prepare the documentation needed to take advantage of the various SBA programs. SBA Loans generally offer access to better terms, not typically found with conventional commercial loans, at competitive interest rates. If you would like more information on SBA loans please contact our SBA representative.


Sometimes financing a purchase with conventional debt is not a viable option for acquiring addition equipment, which is why leasing becomes a very useful financial tool. Advantages to leasing may include the following:

  • Flexible monthly payment amounts
  • No added debt on your balance sheet
  • Lease payments may be tax deductible

Construction Loans

Royal Banks of Missouri can help you with your construction financing needs, whether you are constructing a new building for your growing business or an investment property to be leased by others.

Competitive fixed and variable interest rates are available with the actual rate to be determined based on local market conditions, your financial condition, and the term and type of the loan and the type of assets financed.

Agricultural Loans

We offer competitive loan options for all your farming needs.  From seeds to equipment to real estate, we have local loan officers to help you make the most of your farm.

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