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Direct Deposit

When you sign up for Direct Deposit, your funds are deposited directly into your checking, money market, or savings account. You can avoid trips to the bank to deposit checks. You also do not have to wait for the check to clear, because the funds are available immediately.


  • It is convenient – Funds are available for cash immediately
  • Saves Time – No Extra trips to the bank
  • Security – No worries about lost or stolen checks
  • Flexibility – Deposit may be divided up in to multiple accounts (up to 3)

Enroll Now

  • Employees – Print the Royal Banks Direct Deposit Form, fill it out, and take the form to your company’s Payroll Department. Request an Electronic Direct Deposit to your Royal Banks checking, money market or savings accounts.
  • If you receive Social Security – Please call toll-free at (800)772-1213. You will need to have your Social Security number, your Royal Banks account number and the Royal Banks of Missouri Transit Routing Number 081001439.
  • If you receive a Pension Check – Please contact your Pension Administrator to inquire about direct deposit of your pension.