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Debit Card

Royal Banks of Missouri MasterCard™ Debit Card

The Royal Banks of Missouri MasterCard™ Debit Card gives you a fast, easy and safe way to pay. With the Royal Banks of Missouri MasterCard™ Debit Card, you are worry free when you go to make your purchases.

Debit Cards:

You can elect to receive text or e-mail alerts on all your debit card transactions via the electronic device of your choice. If you wish to opt out, we will reduce your daily transaction availability to $500.00 at both the ATM and point of sale.

If you would like to receive text alerts, please Contact Us. You can also visit us at any Royal Banks of Missouri locations.

Royal Line 1-800-877-8157

CSI Card Services 1-877-965-3344

Report Fraud, Lost or Stolen Card 1-844-202-5333

Credit and debit cards are easy targets for fraud. Alerts will provide a method to keep our clients from becoming victims of fraud and help you monitor your account and transactions in a personalized, real-time manner. At Royal Banks of Missouri, our top priority is the security of your vital account and personal information. This product enhancement features an easier way for you to track and monitor online, point of sale and recurring monthly transactions associated with your Royal Banks of Missouri Debit Card.



Convenient Enough to Just Sign and Go:

  • Worldwide access – Royal Banks Debit Card is accepted anywhere MasterCard™ is accepted
  • Convenient for joint checking accounts- No sharing checkbooks, you each can have your own card that accesses the same account
  • No interest charged – All the convenience of a credit card but without the interest.  The money comes directly from your checking account or money market account
  • Maximum Protection – If your card is lost or stolen, you are protected on any unauthorized purchases with 0% liability
  • ATM Access – Also works as an ATM card with access to all the Royal Banks of Missouri ATM Network

Convenient Financial Control:

  • Track spending on your statement – Each purchase is itemized on your statement, so it is easy to track spending and manage your money more effectively.
  • Track online spending – You can track your expenses in real time on Royal Banks of Missouri Online Banking or Mobile Banking App!

2 Easy Ways to Pay with Your Royal Banks MasterCard™ Debit Card:

1. Sign for your purchase: Chose the “Credit” option when making your purchase and you will skip entering your PIN and will just sign the receipt.

2.  PIN: Chose the “Debit” option and enter your 4-digit PIN number. You may also receive cash back using the “Debit” feature.

Either way the amount is always deducted from your checking account and you will always receive and receipt