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American Express Gift Cards

American Express Gift Cards – One Card for Any Place:

  • Available in denominations of $25.00, $50.00, $100.00, and $500.00
  • Refundable to either purchaser or recipient if lost or stolen
  • A prepaid card that is preloaded with funds and not linked to a bank account
  • Card balance can be checked via phone or internet, requiring only the four digit CID number
  • Gift Cards do expire but the funds do not. The Gift Card has a “valid through” date. If funds have not been depleted by the “valid through” date, the Cardholder can receive a replacement Gift Card or a refund.  Replacement Gift Cards carry a fee of $5.95.  If refunded by check, the fee is $10.00

Great for:

  • Gift Giving – Last minute gifts you forgot to purchase
  • Thank You – Give to employees as a Thank You for a job well done
  • Good Luck – Generous graduation present
  • Online Shopping – Use online without having linked to your bank account
  • Business Incentive – Way to motivate you sales team