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Asset Based Lending

Lines of Credit

Just like your cash flow needs, your borrowing needs change from day to day. With a revolving line of credit from Royal Banks of Missouri, you will be able to finance your daily operating needs such as helping to fund receivables, inventory purchases, or payroll and other expenses. You can simply borrow money as you need it (up to a predetermined limit) and pay it back when you are in a better cash position. The amount available is typically determined by the value of your business assets.

Term Loans

Commercial term loans are typically used to finance the purchase of new equipment or machinery; or even to purchase a new building. The term loans are usually structured with a repayment schedule (monthly, quarterly, or annual) with a term and amortization to match the type of asset financed. Royal Banks of Missouri will work with you to structure a term loan to match your financial needs. You can contact any of our Relationship Managers to begin you borrowing process.

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